Playing with Docker, Silex, Python, Node and WebSockets

Gonzalo Ayuso | Web Architect

I’m learning Docker. In this post I want to share a little experiment that I have done. I know the code looks like over-engineering but it’s just an excuse to build something with docker and containers. Let me explain it a little bit.

The idea is build a Time clock in the browser. Something like this:


Yes I know. We can do it only with js, css and html but we want to hack a little bit more. The idea is to create:

  • A Silex/PHP frontend
  • A WebSocket server with
  • A Python script to obtain the current time

WebSocket server will open 2 ports: One port to serve webSockets ( and another one as a http server (express). Python script will get the current time and it’ll send it to the webSocket server. Finally one frontend(silex) will be listening to WebSocket’s event and it will render the current…

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