OSX as PXEboot server


I have found myself doing a lot of Linux installs recently. I had to install a 10 node Rocks HPC cluster three weeks ago and this week I am working on a 20 node Eucalyptus cluster. In my quest to reduce time to install OS, I decided to install a PXE boot server. Now my primary laptop is a 15″ mac book pro with SSD, a very fast machine that I am pleased with. I run Parrells so it would have been a fairly trivial to quickly put together a CentOS (my favorite OS second to OSX) VM and used that to be my PXE boot server. But Since OSX is based off unix and has everything to put together a PXE boot server, I decided to use that instead.

Now, since 2009, Apple has been dumbing down the capabilities of OSX and recently launched a separate package that can…

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