10 Main Reasons why OpenSUSE is more useful than Ubuntu



Ubuntu is considered as the easiest Linux distro all the time. But it’s not the most user-friendly ones. Well, it’s really difficult to choose between Ubuntu and OpenSUSE as both of them are great. But yes, experts say OpenSUSE is more useful and helpful in comparison to Ubuntu. Let’s find out why so with 10 main reasons.

1. Installation:

Ubuntu is an undisputed champion when it comes to installation as there is no complication. It’s just a next-next-next job for Ubuntu installation. Ubuntu can be difficult only if you opt for an unknown settings option or if your installation disk gets corrupted. On the other hand, if we are to talk about one of the most sophisticated installer in Linux systems, it’s of OpenSUSE, called YaST. Well if you are not very much into taking risks, then OpenSUSE installation may pose difficulties for you. If you are an expert in…

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